The musician's obsession becomes the listener's obsession.

July 2022

A floppy-eared dog gnaws a bone while a clown smiles above the bed.

May 2022

Making wistful noises at Red Lobster.

February 2022

I'm getting pale and fat in London.

January 2022

Such a rich emotion when the lady at Taco Bell said, "Welcome back."

March 2021

Looking at these paintings, it's hard to believe I've been sober for eight years. But it feels good to do something for its own sake, results be damned.

January 2021

They're like another species to me, these people who believe they know what's going on and what will happen next.

December 2020

The memory of sitting in a church in a different country feels as though it belongs to some lost golden age.
I need a word for the slightly hungover sensation after a mindless bout of clicking and scrolling—a term for shaking off the digital residue.

October 2020

“Sometimes I think they are graceful like ballerinas,” he said as we drove. “Other times, I think they are wicked.”
"You'll be working at least seventeen hours on Election Day," he said. "So bring a sandwich."

September 2020

Sometimes I idle in the parking lot of a strip mall after midnight.